Dear colleagues working hard in “Sukiya” and the food complex of Chiba prefecture!

Dear colleagues working hard in “Sukiya” and the food complex of Chiba prefecture!

We, Chiba Amalgamated General Union, express our wholehearted thanks for your support to the strike on May 29 in GFF-Funabashi (Global Food Factories), supplier of ingredients to many Sukiya houses. Note: Both GFF and Sukiya are subsidiaries of “Zensho” Holdings.

The response to our strike was enormous. Our union office was flooded with inquiries and interviews. Many newspapers and magazines reported about us

On May 29, a large number of colleagues working in Sukiya all over Japan stood up for walkouts in a variety of ways: taking leaves, absence and early leaving etc. Our strike triggered various arguments. We are convinced that angry voice of working people has surely shaken the whole society.

Ignoring the fact that the issue has been evidently recognized as a serious social problem, Sukiya and Zensho dare to undermine strong anger of working people. Insisting that they had got no information of closure of eatery due to walkouts, they defiantly declare their policy of maintaining rigorous working conditions such as “late-night shift of one person”.
ZEAN (Zensho Employees Association Network), the biggest union in Zensho, which seals union-shop contracts with Zensho, is criticizing our strike, while it refuses to take responsibility for letting these poor working conditions unsolved.

Sukiya and ZEAN should immediately listen to the voice of working people seriously. They are insisting: “Manager is not nominated”, “One person operation is too straining”, “Staff members feel difficulties in communication”, “Terrible working conditions hinder motivation” etc.
Hourly rate of 1,500 yen (15 $) is a minimum standard demand of workers all over the world. In line with eight-hour workday, it should be strictly maintained as minimum wage standard.

団体交渉の早期実現へ We demand collective bargaining as early as possible!

We, Chiba Amalgamated General Union, will make our utmost effort to hold collective bargaining with Sukiya and/or Zensho as early as possible, and endeavor to abolish “one person operation” system, realize big wage hike and improve the employment system which is practiced now as unstable 2-month limited term.
Now we are going into negotiation for a time and venue of collective bargaining.

Dear colleagues working in the food complex!
We, Chiba Amalgamated General Union, are a regional labor union operating to organize labor unions in any and every workplaces.
Labor union is workers’ autonomous organization to maintain and improve working conditions by and for workers. Let’s organize labor unions in your respective workplaces!

2014年7月7日 ちば合同労働組合
7 July, 2014 Chiba Amalgamated General Union
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